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get extra credit just by enjoying your rocksbox membership!

As a Rocksbox member, you get these exclusive benefits every month:

Monthly credit


Your monthly credit is refreshed at the beginning of each month and must be used within that month.

Buy all 3 pieces from your set

$10 OFF

You can also earn Forever Credit:

6 month anniversary


12 month anniversary


Wishlist 30 pieces within first 24 hours


Make your first purchase


Refer new members


Annual birthday bonus


At Rocksbox, members get access to exclusive discounts and opportunities to earn credit toward future purchases. Credit is given as either Forever Credit, to be used towards a future purchase from your set, or Monthly Credit, to be used towards a purchase from your set in that calendar month. At this time, credit cannot be applied to New Shop or Clearance purchases. There is a maximum of $125 friend referral credit per month. To learn more visit the FAQ. Rewards are subject to change. For additional questions please contact us.
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