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Earn discounts and exclusive perks with the Rockstar Rewards program

Annual Qualifying Spend*
Base Member
Rose Gold
Rose Gold rewards member icon
Silver rewards member icon
Gold rewards member icon
Core Membership Benefits expand more infocollapse more info
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Unlimited shipments per month
  • Preview and swap your set before it ships
  • Member pricing
  • Access to Rocksbox exclusive brands
$21 Monthly Shopping Credit
Ways To Earn More Shopping Credit expand more infocollapse more info
  • $5 when you make your first purchase
  • Birthday credit
  • Anniversary credit
  • $25 for every friend you refer
  • $10 off when you buy your whole set
  • And more...
Extra Discounts On Purchases
Extra 5% Off
Extra 10% Off
Extra 15% Off
Early Access To Sale Events
Priority Access To New Collections
Exclusive Sales And Promotions
*Qualifying spend includes the cash amount spent toward a jewelry purchase, net of any discounts or credits applied, excluding any sales tax. Any annual qualifying spend earned is forfeited at the time a membership is canceled.
Rockstar Rewards is a tiered rewards program with four levels of membership: Base Member Level, Rose Gold Level, Silver Level, and Gold Level (each a "Rewards Level"). Upon joining Rocksbox, all Base Members immediately enjoy a variety of core membership benefits and opportunities to earn shopping credits without requiring any additional qualifying spend. Achieving Rose Gold, Silver, or Gold level status requires a minimum qualifying spend on jewelry purchases per year, as further described below. Only eligible, registered Members can participate in the Rockstar Rewards program. Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold membership levels qualify for a variety of benefits made available by Rocksbox in its sole discretion. Benefits may vary by level and some levels may have more benefits than others.
Qualifying spend includes the cash amount spent toward Product purchases on the Website or by keeping a Product when you return your set, net of any discounts or credits applied, excluding any sales tax ("Qualifying Spend").
Qualifying Spend applies to the calendar year in which it was posted to your account. Beginning with the first purchase after qualifying for a Rewards Level, the applicable Rockstar Rewards discounts earned in Rose Gold, Silver, or Gold levels will be applied for qualifying members to any jewelry purchase from their set, New Shop, Clearance, or reservation purchases. These Rockstar Rewards discounts on purchases are applied to member price before credits are applied, and are not cumulative. For example, if a Silver Level member purchases an item at $50.00 member price and has $20.00 of credit, the item would first be discounted at an extra 10% off member price ($50.00 minus $5.00 off = $45.00) at which time her $20.00 credit is applied, thus the total charge is $25.00 cash plus applicable tax, and the resulting Qualifying Spend is $25.00. Multiple Products purchased at the same time count as a single purchase.
A Member’s cumulative Qualifying Spend in a calendar year will determine their eligibility for a Rewards Level. Once a Member reaches a given level, they will enjoy the benefits of that level for the remainder of the calendar year, and for the immediately following calendar year. They will need to reach the Qualifying Spend threshold in the following year to maintain their status into the year beyond. Qualifying spend cannot be rolled over from one year to another. For any jewelry purchases that are returned and refunded, a member's annual Qualifying Spend will be adjusted accordingly which may cause a change in eligibility for Rewards Levels and benefits. Any Qualifying Spend and Rewards Level earned is forfeited at the time a Rocksbox membership is canceled. Any Qualifying Spend for members on a paused membership is still subject to the calendar year limit and will be reset at the end of the calendar year. Qualifying Spend collected in two or more different Rocksbox accounts cannot be combined to qualify for Rewards Levels.
The full terms and conditions of the Rewards Program are located here. For additional questions please contact us.
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