Rocksbox: The Premium Jewelry Subscription Box
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How It Works

Rocksbox is a membership-based jewelry styling service. Members pay a flat rate of $19/month to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time.

Key things to know
  • Rocksbox Sets are curated for you based on your style profile.
  • You can keep and wear your Rocksbox pieces for as long as you like.
  • You can return your set anytime, as often as you like, and we’ll send out a new set of three right away.
  • You pay the same membership fee regardless of how often you exchange your box.
  • When you're ready for refresh of your box send back all the pieces you don't wish to purchase.
  • If you love a piece, keep it when you return your box and you'll be billed at the Insiders' Price shown on your packing list.
Your style profile

Start your Shine Insider Status by completing your personalized style profile in just 3 minutes. Start your style profile now. Your Rocksbox stylists will use your profile to hand pick designer jewelry for you from our collection of 30+ of the hottest jewelry designers.

It takes a combination of art and science to select each set of three pieces for your Rocksbox. The three pieces are placed in our signature Rocksbox box and delivered from our headquarters in San Francisco to your doorstep (with free shipping, of course!).

Making the most of your Shine Insider Status

You will receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry in each Rocksbox — show it off! Rocksbox jewelry likes to be worn, so wear your fabulous Rocksbox gems around town as much as you like! Let us know if you like, love, or "could live without" the pieces in your set by marking the packing slip in your box or online on your account page. This will help us select just the right pieces for your next Rocksbox Set.

When you are ready for some new baubles, place the pieces you do not want to buy in your Rocksbox and use the prepaid envelope to return your set. Once we receive your set, we will send your next Rocksbox Set STAT! As a member, you can swap out your pieces as many times as you’d like each month.

Fall in love and you can buy any items from your Rocksbox Set at the discounted Insiders' Price.

Your Rocksbox Set
Which designers will I receive from my Rocksbox stylist?

We partner with the very best jewelry designers to send you pieces you will love to wear! Our jewelry inventory is constantly evolving to reflect the seasons, our members’ tastes, and the latest trends. Currently we’re working with established and emerging designers including Gorjana, Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, and Margaret Elizabeth. Explore more of our designers on our designers page.

Can I purchase jewelry from my Rocksbox Set?

This is one of the best parts of Shine Insider! It's so easy to purchase jewelry out of your Rocksbox Set - just keep the item or items you want to buy when you return your Rocksbox and the rest of your set. As a Shine Insider, you always get the discounted Insiders' Price. Prices for each item are listed on the packing list included in your Rocksbox Set. We’ll automatically charge your credit card on file for any jewelry you've kept when we receive your box back at headquarters.

Can I purchase items from previous Rocksbox Sets?

We understand that sometimes you just can't get that last love out of your head. If there's a piece you regret returning to us, let us know and we will do our best to get it to you. Sadly, we can't make any guarantees.

Can I return items that I've purchased from Rocksbox?

Unfortunately, we don't accept returns on jewelry once it's purchased - the benefit of Rocksbox is that you get to try before you buy!

What if a piece of jewelry becomes damaged after I purchase it?

We will replace or refund the piece up to 180 days after the day you return your box (the day you officially make the purchase). Just email us at to set up the replacement.

How are prices for each piece of jewelry determined?

We list both the "Retail Price" and the "Insiders' Price" for all the pieces of jewelry we send out in our Rocksbox Sets. Generally, the retail price that we list is the same retail price that the designer for that piece listed when we received it. Additionally, when we receive a piece, we do our best to find the price that is widely available for that specific item at that time and adjust the retail price that we list to match.

Sometimes designers do change their prices without us knowing. We try to monitor any changes in the prices listed for the jewelry, but due to the amount of different jewelry items that we carry, some items fall through the cracks. When we find a lower price offered by a designer or a customer brings it to our attention (which is greatly appreciated), we do change our retail price to reflect that change. Unfortunately, if an item is listed for less on Gilt or a similar flash deal site, we can't match that price because it's not widely available or available for longer than a few days at that price.

And another little hiccup is that items that come to us from international designers require us to convert the price into US dollars and conversion rates shift constantly.

What is Forever Spend?

Forever Spend is credit that you can use towards buying jewelry out of your Rocksbox. Forever Spend never expires, and it can’t be used towards your monthly membership fee - only towards jewelry you want to keep. You can earn Forever Spend by inviting friends to join Rocksbox using your unique URL on your account page.

How do I earn Forever Spend?

For every friend you refer that becomes a Shine Insider, we will credit your account with $25 Forever Spend. Just make sure to give your friends your unique URL when you invite them to Rocksbox — you can find it here. You may also have a chance to win Forever Spend by entering our monthly #RocksboxSelfie contest on Instagram and Twitter!

What is the monthly #RocksboxSelfie Contest? And how do I enter?

The #RocksboxSelfie Contest is our monthly contest on Twitter and Instagram. To enter, take a selfie wearing pieces from your Rocksbox Set and post your selfie on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RocksboxSelfie! We will post all the selfies onto our Style Selfie Board on Pinterest and pick a new winner each month! The contest will end on the last day of each month and the winner will be announced via email the next day. The prize will be different every month and we'll announce the new prize when we announce the last month's winner. You can enter as many times as you want each month! Selfie-away!

How does the invite program work?

As a Shine Insider you can invite your friends to join you. You can always see the current promotion details here. Every new member that you refer, you will earn $25 Forever Spend. You will receive your Forever Spend when your friend becomes a paying member.

What if I have allergies?

Let us know about any allergies in your style profile and we won’t send you that type of jewelry. You can also email any requests to

Is the jewelry sanitized?

Absolutely! All of our jewelry is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each and every time it is sent out.

What if I accidentally damage a piece of jewelry?

Your membership includes a small insurance fee, which covers normal wear for all products. If there is slight damage or wear (e.g. lost earring back, a stone falls out, etc.) this is fully covered. If you have any damage or loss issues, don't worry, but please email us immediately at

What should I do if one of my pieces arrived damaged?

We are so sorry that you received a damaged piece of jewelry! While we inspect each piece of jewelry before it leaves our warehouse, we unfortunately can't ensure that travel will treat your pieces kindly. When you receive a damaged piece, please email us at immediately and return all your Rocksbox pieces together as you normally would.

Your Shine Insider Status
What is the authorization charge I see on my bill?

We run an authorization charge of $25.01 on your credit card to ensure that it is valid. The charge is voided immediately after it is successfully run.

When is my Shine Insider renewal date?

As a monthly member, the renewal date is the day you're billed each month. For example, if we first billed you on February 4, your renewal date is the 4th of each month. We will bill you for another month of service every 4th day of the month.

If you're a prepaid member your renewal date is similar - for example, if we shipped the first box to start your 6 month membership on April 3, your renewal day is the 3rd of each month. On the 3rd of each month you've completely used up another month of your 6 month membership and on October 3 when 6 months have elapsed, you will be billed for another 6 months of service.

If you have a gift membership of 3, 6, or 12 months, your membership ends 3, 6, or 12 months from the date your first box shipped. If you don't intend to continue as a paid member when the gift ends, the cancellation policy and process under "What is your cancellation policy?" applies.

What is your cancellation policy?

Rocksbox needs to be notified of your intent to cancel 3 days before your renewal date or gift membership expiration. The tracking information for your last return shipment must be activated by the last day of your membership. If we haven't received your box back in the office 7 days after your membership has ended, your credit card on file will be charged a lost box fee of $250.

If you received your Shine Insider Status as a gift, we assume that you want to cancel upon the expiration of your gift. If this is the case, you just need to return your box by the end of your Shine Insider Status.

How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your membership at any time. Your cancellation will be processed when we receive your box back at Rocksbox HQ. To cancel your account, please email us at or include a note in your box when you return it.

What happens to my account and Forever Spend when I cancel?

Your account is not deleted and you can still log in to Rocksbox. Additionally, your Forever Spend does not expire if you cancel. If you wish to return to the service later, any unused Forever Spend will still be available for your use use.

Shipping and Returns
How much does shipping cost?

Shipping both ways is included for free with your Shine Insider Status.

How long can I keep my gems?

You can keep your jewelry for as long as you like. Depending on the membership plan you have chosen, you will be billed every month, six months, or twelve months.

How often can I refresh my Rocksbox Set?

As a Shine Insider you can refresh your jewelry supply as often as you like. You will be charged the same membership fee regardless of how long you keep your jewels, or how often you refresh them. To refresh your pieces, simply return your pieces in your Rocksbox anytime and we will send out a new set right away. All pieces that you do not wish to purchase must be returned at the same time.

What are my delivery options?

We currently ship with USPS.

Do you deliver outside the United States?

Sorry — we currently only ship to the United States. You can join our international mailing list by emailing us at

How do I change my shipping address?

The best way to change your shipping address is to change it on your account page. This will ensure that your next Rocksbox is sent to the correct address. If you have trouble making changes yourself, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Is a signature required for delivery?

No, a signature is not required for delivery. This allows you to receive your Rocksbox Set anytime. If you do have a lost or missing delivery, please email us right away at

How do I return and exchange my Rocksbox Set?

We all hate to wait in line at the post office, so we made it super easy to return your Rocksbox Set. Whenever you are ready for a new set of fabulous jewelry, simply:

  • Put only the items that you want to return in your Rocksbox.
  • Place your Rocksbox in the enclosed pre-paid envelope and drop it into your mailbox or other USPS drop-off location.
What if I misplace/lose my return label?

If you have lost your return shipping label, you can either print out a replacement label on your account page or you can email us at and we will send you a new one.

Gift Membership
How often can I refresh my set during my gift membership?

There is no limit to how often you can refresh your set. Some of our members like to refresh theirs every week! We enclose packing materials and provide free shipping both ways.

What happens when my gift membership expires? Do I need to formally cancel my membership if I choose not to continue?

It's important to us that you enjoy your gift without commitment. Your gift membership will expire automatically and will not roll over into a paid membership. We'd love to have you continue as a member, but we would prefer to leave that up to you! Send an email to at the end of your gift membership (we'll send you an expiration reminder!), and let us know if you'd like to continue receiving a ribbon-wrapped box.

Once my gift membership expires, all I have to do is send my last box back?

That's correct! Drop it in any blue mailbox with the shipping materials provided. If you've misplaced your packing slip or envelope, you can print another packing slip from your account page, "Your Settings", and then click shipping label. Print and tape to any small cardboard box or envelope that your Rocksbox will fit in! Thank you so much for being a part of our community.