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About Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott has grown from a mini-jewelry collection to a multimillion dollar brand sold in renowned retailers and specialty boutiques, with a home in Austin, Texas. The brand has become a household fashion name to women around the world and is praised by celebrities for the unique, bold designs. Kendra’s daily personal influence across all aspects of her company and her continued emphasis on the three pillars of Family, Fashion and Philanthropy are the reason the brand continues to experience incredible growth and success year after year.
Rocksbox Designer: Kendra Scott
Rayne Necklaces
9381 people loved Rayne Necklaces
6718 people liked Rayne Necklaces
Fan favorite and Kendra Scott classic, the Rayne Necklace is a fail-safe way to get noticed - and complimented. Choose a hue to suit your mood, and this playful tassel pendant will soon become your go-to accessory.

Alex Earrings
3996 people loved Alex Earrings
4008 people liked Alex Earrings
An accessory fit for any occasion, the Alex Earrings feature Kendra Scott’s iconic feminine silhouette framed in sleek metallic details to take you from day to night with ease.

Elisa Necklaces
5215 people loved Elisa Necklaces
5059 people liked Elisa Necklaces
Elegant meets glam with these pendant necklaces with delicate gold, silver, gunmetal or rose gold framing. The pendant styles range from various colors of drusy to iridescent stones.

Elle Earrings
5843 people loved Elle Earrings
5854 people liked Elle Earrings
Custom oval stones in a thin metallic frame, the Elle Earrings are a perfect match for any ensemble. With a pop of genuine banded agate, these classic Kendra Scott drops are sure to spark conversation.

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