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About Rocksbox Designers

Here at Rocksbox, we do the hard work of hunting down the best designer jewelry brands, along with emerging brands, to provide an experience you can’t find anywhere else. With 30+ designers, there is something for everyone to choose from. Whether you want to try the latest trends or add more classic staples to your jewelry collection, our assortment of designers has you covered. We appreciate our Rocksbox designer family for allowing us the opportunity to provide our members with such a unique experience, and are always working hard to add even more designers to the mix!

Featured Designers

Kate Spade

Kendra Scott


Perry Street

Sophie Harper

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Browse thousands of exclusive and designer styles to create a personalized list of jewelry you'd love to try.

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Rock Your Picks

Hand selected by you or your personal stylist, your set is yours to wear for as long as you'd like.

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Buy What You Love

Can't bear to part with something? Purchase your faves with your monthly membership credit.

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Send Back for More

Use the prepaid envelope to return the remaining set, or the whole set when you're ready for more!

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