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Southern California inspired pieces, crafted with delicate textures and faceted gemstones. A brand known for its high quality and layerable, go-to delicates.

Gorjana 01Gorjana 02Gorjana 03Gorjana 04Gorjana 05Gorjana 06Gorjana 07Gorjana 08Gorjana 09Gorjana 10Gorjana 11Gorjana 12Gorjana 13Gorjana 14Gorjana 15Gorjana 16Gorjana 17Gorjana 18Gorjana 19Gorjana 20Gorjana 21Gorjana 22Gorjana 23Gorjana 24Gorjana 25Gorjana 26Gorjana 27Gorjana 28Gorjana 29Gorjana 30Gorjana 31Gorjana 32Gorjana 33Gorjana 34Gorjana 35Gorjana 36Gorjana 37Gorjana 38Gorjana 39

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