About RocksBox



Jewelry has always been my favorite way to show my own personal style. I love the way a great necklace and can transform an outfit from bland to edgy, or take a business suit from boring to refined.

Working as a strategy consultant for many years, wearing suits everyday, jewelry was a way for me have fun experimenting with fashion. But as a busy professional woman, it was hard to find time to hunt out the best designers. And worst of all, I ended up with a huge drawer full of jewelry I had only worn a few times. I loved the idea of a jewelry subscription, because I always wanted something new to wear, but I hated the idea of accumulating jewelry that I only wore once or twice.

Enter RocksBox

I founded RocksBox in the Spring of 2012 with the vision of giving women the ability to experiment with jewelry from the best designers, to have the fun of variety, and the confidence to buy pieces that she truly loves. Over the months that followed I built an awesome team of passionate, smart people that shared the RocksBox vision, and who I absolutely love working with! Since launching our beta site in the fall of 2012 the response has been incredible. We’ve built a passionate membership base of impressive woman and brought on dozens of the best jewelry designers. We’re continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and excited about the opportunities and years to come.

Future Fabulous

We have exciting new designers and customer experiences in the pipeline that we’ll be sharing soon! If there is anything else you’d like to see, we’d love to hear about it. For us at RocksBox, it’s all about possibility.

Thanks for visiting!

You Rock!

Meaghan Rose